Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pineapples Don’t Grow on Trees

Pineapples Don’t Grow on Trees
By: Selena Alvarado

As long as I am in Costa Rica I will never go hungry. Our host mother provided us with a hearty breakfast, filling lunch to go, and had an amazing dinner waiting for us when we got home. I may never want to leave just because I know I would not have to cook for myself ever again.

After breakfast, our host mom rode down to the beach with Hannah and me just so we can familiarize ourselves with the route. We rode behind houses on grass and on rocky dirt roads. We knew we hit the main part of the town when we reached paved roads and knew we were close to the beach when the road turned back to gravel. As we rode along we passed a house that grew a lot of different fruits like bananas, papaya, and pineapple. I did not know pineapples grew on the ground until we passed that house. I think it looks so odd to see a pineapple growing on a plant. It looked like someone strategically placed the pineapple there.  I always pictured pineapples growing on a tree. I was so very wrong.
Pineapples grow on a plant that looks like this.

Our first day on the Osa Turtle Project was a success. After a brief orientation on the day’s work, we got on a boat and went out on the ocean. We helped set down a net so we can catch turtles and keep track of their well-being. Hannah and I went in the water to make sure the net did not get tangled. The whole time I was in the water the only thing I was thinking about was if a shark was going to bite me. I was so scared I kept looking underwater to make sure nothing was near me. Sharks are definitely one of my worst fears.

On the boat with research assistants Audrey and Pascal.
Sadly there were no turtles caught today which meant Hannah and I relaxed on the beach along with other volunteers. There is a big group of volunteers that are actually a family from Canada who won a trip to go to Costa Rica on this sea turtle excursion. It was a contest through a granola bar company that serves organic products. There are a few adults and a few children.

We attempted to search for WiFi everywhere we went but had no such luck. I honestly am puzzled on how people live without internet service. Having to quit social media cold turkey is a little rough for me but I can manage.

Although I did get sunburned, I really enjoyed the day and cannot wait to start tomorrows work. 


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